18 Reasons the Republicans will most likely lose to Obama on 2012

Newt Gingrich – Former Speaker Of The House

Herman Cain – Former Chariman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve

Gary Johnson – Former Gov. of New Mexico

Fred Karger –  Former Political Consultant

Tom Miller – Retired Flight Attendant (?????????)

Ron Paul – U.S. Representative for Texas

Mike Huckabee – Former Gov. of Arkansas

Mit Romney – Former Gov of Mass.

Tim Pawlenty – Current Gov. of Minn.

Rick Santorum – Former Senator from Penn.

Vern Wuensche – Businessman

John Bolton – Former UN Ambassador

Charlie Crist – Current Gov. of Fla.

Michelle Bachman – Current U.S. Rep from Minn.

Mitch Daniels – Current Gov. of Indiana

Lindsay Graham – Current Senator from S. Carolina

Charles Harvey – Businessman

Donald Trump – You should know this one….

Have you ever seen a less inspiring group of (potential) candidates? this list is the who’s who of Washington insiders, Over the hill lifetime politicians and no-chance businessmen. There is’nt one young, passionate and excited person, no one with new ideas or fire. The closest you get to an even remotely interesting candidate is Michelle Bachman, simply because she reaches out to the Tea party faction that may very well determine the race.

Now I’m not a Republican or a Democrat, but as a indie that has voted for both parties, as well as libertarian, the choice between these 18 candidates and Current president Obama is a bleak, bleak set of choices. There is nothing here to inspire me or give me any hope that the problems facing our country will be solved anytime soon.

And let’s be honest, the candidates with the most money ( Gingrich, Romney, Bachman, Huckabee) will be our only choices, and they will be the least desirable of all.

I look around the country and wonder, is this the best field we can offer? Because if we can’t do better, brighter, stronger and more passionate than this, do we really stand a chance?


One thought on “18 Reasons the Republicans will most likely lose to Obama on 2012

  1. One comment – Charlie Christ is the FORMER gov. of Florida. He left after one term to lose an election to the US Senate to Marco Rubio.

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