Maxim’s top 100 hottest women….


                                                                                          (Ashley Greene: only #53?? Really???)

HERE‘s a pictorial list of Maxim Magazines 2011’s 100 hottest women. Now, back in Jan i did my own list after disagreeing with Ask’s list, so I’m not going to do a new list all over again (my old list is HERE ) but i do have to say i have even more problems with this one than the last. Out of their top 100, only 30 would make my list, and the inclusion of Britney, Taylor Swift, J-wow, Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff, Amanda Bynes & Avril lavigne? I thought Maxims main audience was college guys and older, not high school sophomores. They may want to re-think their beer lists and sex advice columns, i’m sure Justin Beiber would be happy to do an advice column.

And let’s be honest, Cameron Diaz at #4???? WTF? has anyone that works at Maxim seen the trailer for Bad Teacher? she actually looks like a burned out crack whore. And that’s when wearing makeup…..

Of course the #1 position is given to the newest Transformers bimbo. Let’s be honest here; great body? check. Pretty face? Check? Victoria’s secret model? Check. Acting skills? ummmm… anything that makes her actually worthy of #1?…. staying power?…inteligence?…..

now I’m as hot-blooded and horny as the next american thirty something male, maybe hornier, but to me a hot list means there’s something about you that earned you a spot on the list, beyond just huge cans. am I old-fashioned?

and seriously….jwow? morons….


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