A healthy addiction?

So I’m addicted…to Stumbleupon.

Don’t know what that is? neither did I till about 3 days ago.

Here’s how it works:

Sign up for a free account, check your email contacts to see if anyone you’re friends with uses it. Pick you interests(mine? Art, Writing, Poetry, Music, tattoos, photography).

then hit the “stumble” button. it then starts taking you to random websites based solely on your interests and highly rated sites by other stumble members.

Now here’s the thing. This can be a tremendous time waster. It can also be pretty awesome. I’ve spent hours now, and i seen some amazing videos of artists, beat boxers, musicians & bands. I’ve seen stunning photography and amazing tattoo work. I’ve read poetry that’s inspired me to stop “stumbling” and write poems of my own and listened to spoken word pieces that make me wish I was that confident at the mic. I’ve seen tattoos that make me ache for a new one, and found writers resource sites I didn’t know existed

Here’s the point (yes I actually have one) Things like this can be awesome if you use them in a way that inspires you. You get the joy of discovering other people around the world doing the things you love doing, and let’s be honest, it’s easier than doing google searches. So, either check it out or don’t, I could care less. But for me this makes the web a little more fun and inspiring…


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