Random thoughts about Bin Laden being dead….

If you also read me on Facebook, some of these might be repetitive, but i’m gonna share anyway….

1. While his death is really more symbolic than anything, i really think our country needed this morale boost. I hope families of 911 victims sleep a little better tonight….

2.. After all the problems with Trump and the Birthers, i think Obama specifically held this announcement until the last 30 min of the Apprentice just to screw with Trump…..

3. I think Pres. Obama should have looked at the camera and said “Bin Laden, you’re fired”… that really would have roasted Trump….

4. All i know is i hope there’s some special forces guys being treated like kings right now, because they’re our real heroes. And thanks to the C.I.A. for finally living up to the “Intelligence” part of their name

5. Pray for our troops. Because our soldiers, guys like my cousin Mike, are going to be even more in harms way than ever before. There’s still a lot of war ahead of them and we can’t forget that

6. People will use any excuse to celebrate. Why are people flooding Times Square at 1 Am??? the body’s not there, dumb asses

7. I hope announcements like this keep happening at night, because my twitters been going crazy, texts flooding in and facebook is flooded… That means people are FINALLY awake at the same time as me!


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