News stories that make my head hurt….

Jamie Olivers Food revolution: Leave it to a brit to remind us how fat our kids are, how corrupt school boards are and how lazy parents can be. A fellow blogger, Travellinbaen, put it so well i’m just going to have you read his blog post about it. Check it out HERE

Michigan State Police: Remember that slippery slope i occasionally bitch about? Well, i hate to say i told you so…wait…no i don’t, i love it. Anyway, check out this news story about the Michigan state police being able to access all the information on your cell phone when they pull you over. This should  scare the hell out of you. read it HERE    

Once, Twice, Three times a drunk baby…: (thanks for the inspiration Kenny Rogers) Yup, it happened again, another kid got served alcohol. this is so bizzare and screwed up that it’s laughable at this point. read about it HERE 

Kindergartner gunfire: And of course the kids that aren’t being given alcohol are bringing guns to school…. HERE 


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