Thoughts, Pics & videos for the week

Lady Gaga Worship??? A 20-year-old Oklahoma woman killed and mutilated the family cat, apparently so she could use its blood for an outfit to wear to a Lady Gaga concert. This isn’t a joke, she friggin killed a cat. Read the disturbing story HERE

Kindergarden gets I-pads: A kindergarden class in portland Maine will be spending $200,000 to buy I-pads for a kindergarden class as part of a pilot program. I’m really too disgusted to even comment on this, so read the article HERE and decide for yourself if this is yet another sign of the apocalypse….

And if that doesn’t get you all riled up, how about Chicago public schools ban kids from bringing lunches to school: yup, no joke, some schools in chicago are banning kids from bringing their lunches to school and insisting that they eat only the lunches provided in the cafeteria. The Principal of one school says it’s to “protect students from their own unhealthful food choices” so, when did the schools principal have more power over kids than their parents. That slippery slope looks steeper all the time. Read it HERE

Betty White Vs. Lindsay Lohan: in an interview, Betty White referred to Lindsay Lohan and some other celebrities as ungrateful, unprofessional and not appreciative of what they have. Of course Lindsay shot back at her. Piece of advice Lindsay. You don’t have the career, fame or grace at 24 that Betty has at 89, so when you manage to stay out of jail, rehab, court or Samantha Ronsons bushes for more than a month, MAYBE you can run your mouth….

Cop Who Shot College Football Player Named ‘Officer of the Year: You ever think that the people that run things in this world just don’t get it? Whether justified or not, naming a cop that kills a college student under suspicious circumstances as “cop of the year” is really just an insensitive, boneheaded move. Can’t imagine why people don’t trust cops… Read more HERE

And continuing our bright cops theme, Police Officer Pepper Sprays Baby Squirrel In Texas: Umm….Really? WTF???? Watch the video for yourself…

The Sex Ed Prank Pulled Off By An Eighth-Grader: I know we shouldn’t encourage kids to misbehave, but seriously, this kids got some creativity. Don’t go to hard on him, mom and dad… Read about it HERE

Company Facing Lawsuits for Alleged Sexual Assaults Voted Top Employer for Women: Once again proving my point: People in charge of this world have their heads in their asses. Read it HERE

Drunk Toddlers are the new Charlie Sheen: Or that’s what people must think, since twice this week a toddler has been “accidentally” fed alcohol at a restaurant, first at an Applebees in Michigan, then at an Olive Garden in Florida. HERE & HERE are the articles. I’m hoping the waitresses are cute young girls that can start stripping immediately, because there’s no way they’re bright enough to make it through college…..

Natsumi Hayashi Loves to levitate and you should really check out her photos. One is below and the rest are HERE


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