I Thrust My Hips… & other thoughts video’s and pics….

My family told me tonight that I’m outspoken, dark humored, weird, occasionally a little risque and dirty, and although I’m really not a people person I’m actually kind of dependent on the actions of other people in order to write this blog. I really had no argument against that statement and i wonder if they know i took it as a compliment?

Anyway, here’s a few random thoughts, news pieces and pics:

Bill & Ted sequel confirmed: So, keanu Reeves had confirmed that a new Bill & Teds movie is in the works and both he and Alex Winter will be back. Ummmmm…. First off, what cardboard box did Keanu find Alex sleeping in? And even if he’s not homeless, will Applebees let him have the time off to film? I’m thoroughly convinced Keanu has decided to take the James Franco approach to acting and do whatever the hell is offered to him….

Kirstie Alley on DWTS: You know what’s awesome? we all knew that she was going to be a bit of a trainwreck on this, but the fact that she has an apparent inability to stay on her feet is making her late night talk show fodder and thus liberating me from having to watch that mind numbingly bad show… Here’s two clips of her falling.

Yahoo Answers: You wouldn’t believe the things people ask on Yahoo Answers. There’s a perfect example below and the full dose is HERE




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