Random Thoughts, pics & video’s for the week

Abercrombie making push-up bra bathing suits for girls as young as seven: It’s disgusting and revolting, but let’s be honest, has anyone ever been under any impression other than thinking Abercrombie has always been borderline pedophilia? and let’s not forget they mix their borderline porn ads with healthy doses of homo-erotica. Read the story HERE

The poisonous snake that escaped from the Bronx Zoo: What’s more sad? the fact that a zoo is this inept or the fact that the snake became a national celebrity?

This May Be the worst Movie trailer I’ve ever seen: I was thinking it had to be an april fools joke, but sadly it isn’t. Watch it HERE

Charlie Sheen gets booed on opening night: NO!!! Really??? his show was awful? How could that be? The only surprise here is that the people who bought tickets were dumb enough to…well… buy tickets. read about the train wreck HERE

Man gets revenge on girlfriend by lighting his poop on fire: No, i didn’t make this one up. And you thought living healthy was the best revenge  Check it out HERE

Obese man found dead & fused to chair: I’m not even going to joke about this. All i know is we have some serious damn problems in this country when things like this happen. I also hope his friends and family rot in hell for not intervening, Read the whole depressing story HERE

Greys Anatomy does a musical episode: HOLY CRAP! look at the size of that shark it’s jumping! Wait… Does that shark have a Glee tattoo on its fin?

Stephen Colbert Sings Rebecca Blacks “Friday” on Jimmy Fallon: Not only is it a legendary Jimmy Fallon moment, it’s 300 times better than the original. Although, Taylor Hicks? WTF???

New Laser Cats Digital Short: By all rights this shouldn’t be funny at all, but for some reason i still think it’s great. And what’s up with Tom Hanks becoming a cameo king? Check it out HERE

Man Makes Flame thrower out of a Supersoaker: American ingenuity or unemployed white trash? you decide

Human Pony Ride event: It’s to weird for me to even talk about. but i am really kind of creeped out by the ending. Watch the Video HERE

excuse me mam’… I hate to tell you this, but you forgot to take your hat off before you got in the pool in the pool

Someone really needs to tell this bear about a high fiber diet. That just looks painful

Wow, owners really do start to look like their pets after a while

The label at the bottom reads “this product may only be purchased by the loneliest person on Earth”

It really just says it all. Although making it into a sign this big may hint at some deeper issues.


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