Why Music Matters…

for those of you that may not know, i love music.

I write to music, read to music, go to sleep to music, drive to music and my profession as a wedding DJ means i also work to music. I play the bass guitar (badly) and the Bongo drums (worse) and even though i had a solo in a high school musical once, i will NEVER be lead singer material (although it doesn’t stop me from singing constantly).

Amongst all of those other things i also love going to concerts. I’ve kept almost every ticket stub from every concert i’ve been too. To me, in every good concert, there’s a perfect moment, when the band is at their best, the crowd is enraptured and everything comes together and i get this shiver down my spine and a smile on my face. Because in that moment i’m reminder what they joy of music is all about, and maybe by extension the joy of life in general. Doing something you love to the best of your ability… it’s Hard to explain…

Tonight i went to see Toad The Wet Sproket. If you don’t know or remember who they are, check out their website. I also had the pleasure of hearing Katie Costello, the opening act, a little piano playing pixie that talks to the audience like she’s on a first date with it. And i’d just like to thank both of these bands for giving me the chill tonight….


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