Why I Hate All Politicians…

#1: Double Standards Obama has agreed to issue permits for drilling in the golf. great right? Not so fast. WE still can’t drill in the golf, that moratorium is holding strong. However the Obma administration has agreed to give Brazil 2 BILLION dollars and access to technology so that they can drill in the gulf all they want. And, while visiting them made a speech saying that we (America) would be more than happy to buy it from them. Then he comes back to the U.S. and in his address to the nation says that we need to cut our dependance on Foreign oil. How many contradictions are there? oh, about 5 million….

#2: Presidential bids – There is about a year and a half till the presidential election. That there are 14 republicans that have either declared that they’re running or have started “exploratory commitees” is mildly digusting but at this point it’s a simple fact of politics. Here’s what actually bothers me; out of the 14 people in the current crop, about 8 of them are currently holding another political office. If you are in a political office and you declare your intentions to run for another office, no matter what office, you should have to give up your current elected position. There is no way you can truly do your constituents justice or serve in a effective manner if you spend 75% of your time out of your office and most of the time out of your state. Enacting this rule would ensure that the dozens of people who like to test the waters for 6 months would be forced to either commit or drop out. So i say that 60 days after you file election paperwork you must vacate your position.

3# ummm… double standards again – In 2007 the state of illinois banned smoking indoors in all public places. No surprise, most states have done this, and as someone with Athsma, i thank them. But now, four years later, there is a huge tax shortfall in illinios. So how to make that up? let’s see…. oh yeah, lets make an exemption for all casinos. That’s right, the Democratic-led Illinois House decided yesterday to pass an exception allowing smoke to return to the air. HB1965 (passed 62-52), sponsored by Illinois State Representative Daniel Burke, allows gambling facilities to permit smoking once again. the sponsor of the bill,  Rep. Daniel Burke said, on the floor of the house, “If we’re serious about our budget crisis in Illinois, let’s be real. This is not about the smoking issue. This is about the money.”    So that’s it. Screw the health risks posed to smokers and non smokers alike, screw the cost to insurance companies that we’re all supposed to hate anyway, when push comes to shove even the progressive, “socially conscious” democrats will throw their ethics out the window to make some more profits that they will inevitably not spend on education or heath care. Scumbags


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