Please Give….

Most of you don’t know this but in 2006 my Fiancee was diagnosed with Kidney failure. For the next 4 years we (and by we i mean mostly she) struggled through Dialysis, almost constant hospital stays, side effects including, but not limited to Brain swelling,migraines, restless leg syndrome, disqualified donors and of course a failed transplant attempt and 3 “almost” translpants.

Then, on Jan 1st 2010, two days before her birthday, we got the call. By 8pm that night Amy was the owner of a new kidney. We found out later that the donor had died but by doing so had saved Amy’s life as well as others, just by being a donor. Now the two of us will never forget the man that we never met and we will always say a prayer for his family, hoping someday that the knowledge of the good that came from his passing will lesson their pain and give them comfort  in some small way.

So now, a little over a year after Amy was given this gift, we are forming a team for the 2011 Kidney Walk here in upstate NY. We are walking to celebrate this amazing miracle and to honor the person that made it possible.

My point to all this? Please give.  If you are able to help us raise money, please click HERE

But also remember you can give in other ways. Check off that donor box on your drivers license, tell your family your wishes and know that when you are gone, you may have saved someones life.

And lastly, start a team and walk yourself. These walks happen all over the country and they are easy to sign up for and really, could it be much easier than walking?

So thanks for reading, and please consider giving in some way.


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