The post where i get a little politically incorrect….

I will start this blog by saying i have no issue with homosexuality, I’m a firm supporter of everyone’s right to love who they want. Having sai that, here’s my blog/rant/question.

Tonight i was at my local convenience store. I found myself waiting in line behind a very attractive girl. Long brown hair, great body, pretty face, you know, all the things your average male enjoys. After a minute another girl approaches, stand next to her and they begin to hold hands. At this point i went into mild shock. Let me explain. I’ve seen lesbians before, in real life, in the movies and know… And there is nothing shocking about two girls holding hands or kissing (even in the tiny, narrow-minded town I happened to be in). What was shocking was what the second girl looked like.

This is Rob Schneider. Rob is a unnatractive man. Take this picture or Rob in drag, add 200 lbs, take away a prominent tooth and you have the idea of what girl number two looked like.

Now here’s my confusion. If you are  a girl and you are attracted to other girls, wouldn’t you be attracted to hot girls? For some reason i assume that a lesbian would be attracted Jessica Biel, not Rosie O’Donnell. Now i know perfectly well why the Rob Schneider look-alike was into the other girl, it confirms my theory  of a lesbian being attracted to a hot girl. But why the hell was this girl attracted to the scary one? Now, I know you can’t always choose who you fall in love with, love is blind, looks aren’t everything, blah, blah, blah…. But let’s be honest, if I see you across the bar and you look like a bridge troll, I’m not buying you a drink. It’s sad, it’s mean, it’s unfair, but let’s be honest, looks almost always matter for the first impression.

It just seems to me if you are attracted to a girl that looks exactly like a guy, why not just date a guy?

If this little rant offends you, flame me, send hate mail or whatever, but i would just prefer a lesbian explain this phenomenon to me, because it’s not the first time I’ve encountered this, and I’m sure most of you have seen it too


One thought on “The post where i get a little politically incorrect….

  1. I don’t think I can explain this to you as I am not a lesbian, but I’ll try. I’m just a normal guy that is pro-lesbian as long as they allow me to watch (and maybe participate too). But, I’m with you here. Jessica Biel on Jessica Alba, HOT. Rosie O’donnell on Jessica Biel, *uh oh… I’m too nauseated to complete this sentence, excuse me for a moment*

    Okay, I’m back. I love hamburgers going in, not coming out before proper processing. Yecchhh. Anyway, it’s not about the, um, equipment, it about the emotional side. Some lesbians like women that look like men because they actually hate men and having sex with women that look like men, wait… They secrectly really like men, but sex with a woman allows them to, wait… Women that look like men are attractive to lesbians because they can “feel” like they are sleeping with a man but without all the penis action. Maybe it is about the equipment. I’m in over my head here. Sorry.

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