So i noticed i’ve gained a few subscribers lately, even some that i’m not related to and  haven’t bribed. So i figured first off i’d say thanks for tolerating my little slice of pointless ramblings and secondly i’d reintroduce myself…

Hi. I’m Glen, Age 35, From Saratoga Springs NY. If you haven’t guessed, i’m a writer. I’ve written two books, which you can feel free to buy anytime. I’m also a wedding Dj, an artist, a mediocre photographer and the Owner/Editor of 63 Channels, an online and print arts magazine. Yeah, i do alot of stuff, i’m a gemini so that’s apparently normal, although i don’t believe in horrorscopes so that’s a moot point…

Right now i can’t get enough of Mumford & Sons, The new Lykke Li, A Day To Remember and Lupe Fiasco. My music tastes are across the board eclectic and there’s very little that i don’t listen to…

Right now I’m reading an advance copy of “We Are Oblivion” by Michael Sonbert. His first book, “The Never Enders” is out now, it’s amazing. You should really go buy it and read it before We Are Oblivion comes out….

There’s lots more random, uninteresting shit about me, but you can see it all by visiting the links on my blog, so have at it…..


thanks again for reading.




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