Quick pics and videos for the day…

R.I.P. Nate Dogg: After several strokes in the last few years, Nate succumbed to health issues on Tues. I’m tipping a 40 for ya….

Actress Renee Olstead gets X-posed: You May not know her name, but within a day or two every guy in America will know what she looks like naked.  You may know her as the Wise-alec daughter from the sitcom “Still Standing” or her current role on Fox Family’s “Secret Life of the American Teenager”. Either way, i’m sure you never saw her like this, and i’m guessing you weren’t meant to. Or maybe she’s just another girl in a long line of young actresses that chose sluttiness as the big step into their “Adult” careers. You can see the pics HERE.

Snake bites “model” Orit Fox’s Breast implant during Photo shoot: They say the snake died of silicone poisoning, which is pretty bizzare in itself, but i gotta say after looking at this girl i’m sure there are a dozen nasty things in her body that could take down a Boa.. Article HERE

“The Situation” gets booed of Stage: On last nights Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump, Mike “The Situation” made history as the first roaster to ever be booed off stage. Now let’s keep in mind that this is something that former roasters Courtney Love,Gilbert Gottfried, Pamela Anderson & Hulk Hogan never even managed. His roast was so bad it was physically uncomfortable to watch. But in case you still want to see the train wreck, here is is…

Ke$ha goes Swimming: Apparently when she doesn’t look like a boozed out whore, she looks like Angela Lansbury


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