You should be ashamed of yourself…

So i was thinking today about what makes people read my blog ( Zach Galifianakis )I know i link my blog to Facebook & Twitter so that everyone i know has access, and i have a few friends linking to me from their blogs,( Nuclear Power ) but what makes a total stranger give my little piece of the web a chance ( Twilight )?  So i decided to look at web searches that led to me and here’s what i came up with; People on the outside only read my blog when i mention or make fun of celebrities( Chrstina Aguilera).

Now, at this point i could be a scumbag ( Charlie Sheen) and just start peppering my blog with trending topics ( Earthquake) in the hopes that the search results will point people my way and push my blog to new heights of readership ( Harry Potter ). But i would like to think that i’m more mature than that ( Tsunami ) and i would rather have people come to my blog because something i wrote is interesting ( Justin Beieber ), informative  or thoughtful ( SXSW ).

So i’m going to take the high ground ( Nikki Minaj ) and keep doing what i’ve done all along, write from my heart ( Porn) and eventually i will grow as a writer and a person because of it ( Satoshi Tajiri )


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