Thoughts Pics & Video’s of the Week…

My Idea for a new reality show: A new season of the surreal life with Charlie sheen, Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, Lindsay Lohan, Amy Winehouse, Noel & Liam from Oasis,  Moammar Gadhafi & Gary Busey. TELL ME you wouldn’t watch this….

I Hate you Daylight Savings Time…..

I-Pad 2: Wow! a camera in front & in back! wait, what? multiple tablets already do that? and at higher resolutions? oh… Wow, a faster proccessor! what? other tablets already do that? oh…. Wow, you can use garage band! wait, you can’t use an external hard drive and there’s no expandable memory? oh…. Wow, it’s blazing fast on it’s 3G network!…wait, isn’t 4G out? Can’t the Xoom do 4G? and the I-pad 2 can’t? oh… Wow, it’s got an awesome 9.7 inch screen! what? same one as before? and it’s lower than the Xoom or upcoming Playbook in both size and resolution? oh…. Well it’s thinner danmitt!

The Pope gets a Facebook page: I can’t believe the pope is friends with Sarah! he knows she cheated on me!

Tiger Woods to play Minature Golf with Jimmy Fallon: this is a good move for Tiger; the course is short and easy and he can put it in the hole multiple times in a short period.

Kim Kadashian releases her first Single: She should have let her ass record the song, it has all the talent…

Although i’d rather listen to Kim Kardashian sing War & Peace with a head cold than ever hear this song again…

UP house: a bunch of geeks got together and made a real house fly like in “UP”… just plain awesome

Ukelele Bike: This guy deserved to get hurt alot more than this

Angry single guy: Wow, dating in the 80’s was hard. At least we can diagnose the syphylis before it affects the brain now.

So How exactly did her ass crawl up her back?

Awesome! now you car is worth what?, $60 bucks?

When you just can’t choose which pair of jeans to wear….

Sooooo glad i don’t have friends like this….


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