Thoughts & observations of the day

Two cars parked side by side. a guy standing next to one and  girl getting out of the other. Guy approaches girl, grabs her and gives a borderline obscene kiss.

“You have your overnight bag?” asks the guy.

“Got it, all set to go.” responds the girl.

“Are you going to wear that?” he asks.

At this point i pause putting my groceries in my car & carefully turn around to see what she’s wearing that he objects to so much. Just in time to see her take of a wedding ring and off her finger throw it on the seat of the car. He smiles and kisses her again, they get into his car and drive away.

The naughtiness you observe in a Price Chopper parking lot. Sinners….. = )


So Charlie Sheen lost his job today (i’ll assume it’s wherever his sanity is) After hearing that he was proud of Amy Winehouse’s ability to party, i came up with an idea. I think Charlie & Amy should skip the reality Tv route and go straight to celebrity porn. Come on, it’s disgusting to even think about, but you know it’ll sell millions. I mean really, isn’t this the career arc they’re heading in anyway?

And P.S. Charlie: When Gary Busey comes out to do an interview because he’s worried about your partying, you are soooo screwed.



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