The post where i make fun of a bunch of random photos

Ok, so i’m going to test out a theory. That theory is that i might be amusing. Think you can beat my captions? post a comment.


Believe it or not, we’re even behind this country in education…

Wait, does that count as carry on?

Even pinata is different now then when we were kids…

The annual Kirstie Alley day parade in Wichita

Someone REALLY needs to re-teach this girl the “got your nose” game

huh, You REALLY can order anything on the internet!

I’ve heard of Dirty Sluts, but this is just ridiculous….

The only cocks their parents would let them take to prom…

Do you suffer from overactive bladder like this woman?.. then Merc pharmaceuticals may be able to help….

And they say Americans don’t take pride in themselves…

Wow….those are some thin, penciled on eyebrows…. what was she thinking?


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