The blog entry where i shamelessly plug myself….

In case you haven’t noticed I like to write on this blog.

But did you know i also write books?

Or sell my artwork?

Now you do. Here’s details:

This is my first book. No one bought it. It’s poetry & short fiction. It would make my day if a stranger bought it. I mean you, you know… You can buy it HERE

This is my second book. It’s an illustrated sci-fi/Horror novel done with an amazing artist name Shawn Dubin. People like this one & are even buying it. We would like  if people kept buying it. That means you (again) you can buy it HERE or HERE & you can get it on kindle HERE

This is 63 Channels. It’s an online  & print magazine featuring poetry, fiction, art & music. I own & edit it. People seem to like it and send me their work. Feel free to send yours. 63Channels Magazine

I’m also an “artist”. Kind of in the same way i’m a blogger. Barely. Anyway…here’s one of my pieces. I have more HERE & you can even buy them HERE (along with T-shirts and Pins) or request custom pieces by sending me an email.

Ok, that’s it, my plug is complete. Feel free to buy lots of stuff, and if you do buy one of my books, please leave a review on the site you buy it from. Thanks!!!


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