Thoughts, Pics & Videos of the week

So yeah, it’s only Thursday and the week isn’t over yet. but for two reasons i’m still going to post my thoughts for the week today. 1. Today is my day off and 2. Nothing interesting really ever happens on Friday (unless Charlie Sheens head explodes live on TV). So, without further ado here’s a bunch of crap you probably don’t care about

Christina Aguilera arrested:  Pink posted on Twitter “Out of Myself, Britney, and Christina- didn’t everyone think i was gonna be the troublemaker?” Here’s my question, does Christna have to copy EVERYTHING britney does? Those Mickey Mouse Club girls just don’t let shit go, do they?

The new I-pad 2 :  If you are excited about this “new” product, you are even dumber than i thought and i have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you….

Corey Haim: What’s more sad, the fact that the Oscars snubbed him in the “In Memorium” tribute, or the fact that anyone actually noticed?

Jon Chu signs on to direct G.I. Joe Sequel: I’m sorry, but the first movie was bad enough without asking the guy that is mostly known for directing  Justin Biebers movie to helm the sequal. Seriously, lets just let michael Bay have it, at least you know the explosions will be good.

Charlie Sheen: Smartest self promotion ever? Bi-polar? drug addict? to be honest i don’t really care as long as he keeps being this amusing.

The Onion: Personally i think it’s to clever and self-aware for its own good, but this one kind of amused me,19345/

this is Christina Hendricks husband? – where were the hot girls with self-esteem issues when i was dating?

This must be a VERY progressive church….

‘Nuff said…

Star of Mtv’s “16 and Pregnant” claims Mtv made her family look trashy – really? Mtv did it? they edited the trash right into your family? really? or did they just accentuate the trashiness built into a family willing to be on “16 and Pregnant” ? moron….!5775598/former-16-and-pregnant-star-mtv-made-my-family-look-trashy

Here’s why European Game shows are so much more fun…

And this is why the Independent Spirit Awards are so much better than the Oscars –

And lastly, here’s something i would probably also do if i were a parent


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