Best (and Worst) moments & performances of the Grammy’s

So is it just me or did the Grammy’s overall drop the ball this year? There was a time when winning a Grammy meant more than winning a Mtv music award, an American Music Award,  a Billboard Award, a CMT music award, and AMA music award, a Peoples Choice music award, a BET Award, or any of the dozen others i forgot. But what happened this year? The Grammy’s opted to double the performances, make them longer and show less actual awards. While there is always a ceremony the night before for the “lesser” awards, this year they relegated almost every award except the 6 or 7 majors to the untelevised portion. To me this cheapens the impact of the award. It used to be if you won a Grammy, you’d arrived. Your career would take off, at least for a few months, and you could proudly display your award on your mantel. Then in the 90’s and 2000’s The Grammy’s slumped big time. They lost focus and became laughably out of touch with modern music. Since then they have fought to come back from that, although you can still see the rift between the Grammy’s and the world at large by the mostly lame nominations in the rock Album Category and the best new artist award given to Esperanza Spalding, a completely unknown jazz singer.

To me,  forgoing almost every award handout cheapens the achievement and makes it just another irrelevant awards show. And limiting acceptance speeches to 30 seconds? really?  I will say that there were a few great performances though. Here’s my three favorites.

Mumford & Sons, Avett Brothers & Bob Dylan: besides being immensely talented, have you ever seen a group of guys who looked like they were having more fun? Both Mumford & Sons and The Avett Brothers exuded energy and charisma, and you could see the joy written on their faces when they were backing Dylan. As for Dylan, well, he sounded like shit, but he’s still a legend

John Mayer, Norah Jones & Keith Urban Short but sweet. we’re reminded why Keith is a star, Norah is underrated and why John Mayer should just shut the hell up unless he’s singing.

The Arcade Fire – Loud, Sloppy, Anthemic, exuberant. Exactly what a great performance should be. And then their “Encore” after their win…great stuff

And of course the worst performance of the night goes to  Usher, Justin Beiber & Jaden Smith. I don’t think i really need to explain this, but in case you missed, it was pure crap. Usher further diminished his legacy by letting Beiber sing and humoring Will Smith by letting his son pretend to have talent.

As for the awards:

Now don’t get me wrong, Lady Antebellum have a degree of talent, but three major awards? This is another example of the Grammy’s still getting it desperately wrong…

And in the “getting it right category” The Arcade Fire wins Album of The Year!!!

And, in the WTF category: Barbara Streisand??????

Want to see all the Winners that got the shaft? here’s the complete list.


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