Thoughts For the Week 2/13/11…

Twitter Execs Value Site at $8-10 Billion – Really??? A site where everyone posts but no one reads the other persons posts? A site where B-list celebrities post their shopping lists? 8-10 billion for that? No wonder the economy is in the crapper

Scratch ‘Harry Baals’ off list of names for government center – Yes, MSNBC went there with that headline. Harold Baals is a former Mayor of Fort Wayne Indiana. The town wants to name a new city center after a former mayor, and guess which one is leading in the polls, by ALOT. I really don’t even have to joke about this one….

Just wrong….

Pete Wentz & Ashlee Simpson – If these crazy kids can’t make marriage work, who Can?  And poor Bronx Mowgli Wentz, like he wasn’t already going to be screwed up just from being named that. Even Apple Martin makes fun of him…

Miley Cyrus to Host SNL – Really? there wasn’t a single other “celebrity” available? Oh, wait, that’s right, you guys scraped the bottom of the barrel with Dana Carvey last week, so yeah, this makes perfect  sense… Next week, Oprah’s estranged sister!!!!!

And in other apocalypse related news… Justin Beiber is #1 at the box office friday night. And i just threw up a little in my mouth….

Lady Gaga’s new single – Madonna would be well within her rights to fly back to america and bitch slap Gaga for this one. Listen to “Express Yourself” Pt. 2



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