Handmade Art Project…

I recently participated in a “Handmade Gift Project” , a project where you create a personal piece of art for five people (I ended up doing six). It can be painting, photography, a poem or story, knitting, sewing, sculpting, whatever. Then they also do it for five, etc… it’s like chain mail but instead of wasting your time and pissing people off you actually get a gift and a sense of accomplishment…Anyway, what I did was this. I asked for each persons two favorite colors then created a personalized piece of art for each of them. Each piece is then hand signed and has an original piece of poetry on the back.

I enjoyed this project a lot. it gave me the chance to work the “art muscles” I’ve been neglecting for way too long, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t secretly want something they’ve created hung in another persons house. (Maybe i should just give my books to random people?) It also helped me decide i will do this again next year for another five people. And in the meantime I’m willing to do custom pieces for people by request. Prices will be affordable.  Check out the pieces below. If you like them, you can go to my store HERE and view more. And if you are interested in having a custom piece done, just email me at Submissions@63channels.com


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