Here’s my confession:

Hi, my name is Glen and I really don’t like sports. I HATE baseball, basketball bores me, Golf isreally only good to nap to, Hocket i will only watch live at a game and football, well….

Football I’m ambivalent about. Don’t like it, don’t hate it. I can tell you how the game is played, what teams are from what city and even some of the big players. but I cannot, for the life of me, be bothered to actually care who wins or loses, So I’ll watch the Superbowl with family tonight and I’ll most likely surf the internet on my phone when I’m not eating. Let’s be honest, eating is the best part of the Superbowl, followed by the commercials and….well…that’s about it. I would rather read a book, write, nap, paint or shave weird patterns into my beard, really. The only downside to those is they don’t come with awesome snacks. Now if i was going to be watching a sport with any type of enthusiasm, it would be the X-Games. to me they are a show athletic prowess that bests any football game any time.


So there it is, i’m an American male that hates sports…


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