Thoughts For The Week 1/5/11

Facebook now responsible for 25% of hooker Hookups: (Article HERE) And to think, i’ve been using it to keep in touch with friends. Now i wonder how many of my friends are using it to just plain touch other people.

Douchebag of the week: Republicans! They want to change the definition of rape. The proposal would have exempted statutory rape, incest and other “non-forcible” rape as definable rape, therefore closing a loophole that might allow these women public funding for abortions. It would also require that women that were victims of any of these crimes would have to be referred to as accusers, not victims. Read about it HERE (actual Bill HERE)  Update: it appears that they’ve backed off this proposal and it will never see a vote, but they still win this award by a country mile. Lastly, HERE‘s a clip from the Daily Show about the subject..

lindsay Lohan: She may be charged with a felony for stealing from a boutique. Can you truly think of anyone less deserving of yet another chance? can we please just lock her up and forget she exists? (read About it HERE )

Ken & Barbie: Ok, i’m a guy, so my attention level to this is pretty limited, but am i the only one that didn’t know that they “broke up” in 2004? More importantly though, why would anyone over 15 care? And now, Mattel is launching a major Facebook campaign to get you to vote on whether they should get back  together. really? This to me is actually one step more pathetic and embarrassing than being obsessed with Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding plans. AT LEAST they’re real people. This is just sad. (read it HERE ) I swear to god, if you’re my friend on Facebook and you vote on this, i will un-friend you.

Kim Kardashian: She’s mad because she posed nude for W magazine then got upset when they didn’t edit the pics enough. First off, I’m sorry, but when you allow yourself to be dipped in silver paint and photographed nude, what do you expect? And second, isn’t her body really the only thing she has going for her? She’s dumb as a box or rocks and her voice makes nails on a chalkboard sound like a symphony. So be proud of that body, Kim, when you hit 40 and that ass doubles in size, it won’t be so sexy anymore (see the very r-rated pics HERE)

On the other hand, Apparently Lady Gaga has no problems with nudity. HERE‘s some new pics of the always weird Gaga being….well, Gaga. At least we have further confirmation that she’s not smuggling plums down there….

Beavis & Butthead return to MTV: wow, so I’m suddenly 17 again? is there really a need for this? it’s not like they can make fun of the videos on Mtv anymore. Are they going to make fun of the reality shows? I know Mtv is trying to get more scripted shows but this already reeks of desperation. Read about it HERE

While we’re on the subject of Mtv, below are four videos that they’ve “banned” in the last year. watch them and let me know, is there anything in these videos that is any worse than what they actively promote on Jersey Shore or Skins? I always wonder if the double standard exists because Mtv doesn’t make a shit-ton of money off videos like it does off its trashy shows. there was a time when MTV represented a generation and took chances on artists.. apparently those days are even further in the past than I thought. HERE is a full list of videos “banned” from Mtv. It’s pretty astounding…


7 thoughts on “Thoughts For The Week 1/5/11

  1. On the rape thing — I am pretty sure there were quite a few Dems who were on board with this too, so I think it’s just D-bags in general…also maybe they have a point with the whole Statutory thing. The age of consent in NY is 17, I believe. I know even when I was in High school there were plenty of voluntary 16-year-old ex-virgins. I’m sure their 17 yo boyfriends weren’t thinking about statutory rape charges. I’m sure today it starts even earlier. Should we be paying tax dollars for abortions if one of them gets inadvertently knocked up? I donate every year to Planned Parenthood, and I’m all about free and legal access, but I can see the logic on the statutory thing.

    1. my problem with it has nothing to do with the statutory thing, and no, i don’t believe we should be publicly funding abortion with tax dollars. My problem was excluding incest and “date-rape” as actual forms of rape. republicans get the d-bag award in this one because they spearheaded and created this one, but believe me i’m sure a Democrat will do something by next week that i find reprehensible. i’m an equal opportunity politician hater

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