Get a damn Life…

If you go back a page or two you’ll find a rant I did a while back on Glee and the controversy that came around when they posed for sexy pics. Back then I thought that they were blowing things way out of proportion, and just when I think they’ve gotten over it, parents are back on the attack. See, the stunningly unattractive Lea Michelle is on another cover, showing about 85% less skin than last time, and parents are freaking. In addition to a plunging neckline that’s no worse than any dress seen on the red carpet during awards season, the 24 yr old actress had the nerve to talk about drinking wine and Skyping with her boyfriend. Horrible stuff, right? I think I’ve expressed this clearly before, but here are a few quick points;

1. Glee has adult-ish material on their show almost every week, yet parents have no problem with their kids watching it.

2. The actress in question is 3 years past the legal drinking age, 6 years past the age of consent.

3. In the Cosmo article, she is not modeling or portraying herself as the character from Glee

4. Cosmo is a fashion magazine for women that has articles about sex and adult relationships in every issue.

5. Actresses are hired to entertain, not be role models, and they are under no contractual obligation to help raise your kids.

So…. if you have a huge problem with an actress on a show, yet you let your kids watch the show, listen to the music, read the adult aimed magazines they pose for, and don’t encourage your kids to find real role models, ones that truly accomplish something and contribute to society, then, in short, YOU ARE A BAD PARENT. Now why don’t you get a life and stop depending on Fox to raise your damn kids.

HERE & HERE are some articles on the “Controversy”

(disclaimer: I do not watch Glee, I hate the very existence of the show, but I have spoken to people that watch it and have watched clips on the web, as well as read articles about the controversies)


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