On The Road…

I’ve been eagerly awaiting/Dreading news about this movie. When it was originally announced that Kirsten Stewart & Kirsten Dunst were cast as the two main female leads i braced myself to absolutely hate this movie. The addition of Viggo Mortenson and Amy Adams helped a little, but to say i had DEEP reservations was an understatement. See, i’ve read all of Kerouacs books, along with most of the Beat generation writers, and since On The Road was what i popped my cherry on, it’s always been a little sacred for me. Well, today the first pics from the set were released (check them all HERE ) and i have to say i’m a little intrigued. I think that the casting of Garrett Hedlund (bio HERE ) has helped somewhat, he’s still mostly unknown and has a youthful without being a teenager appearance.In addition, the other main actor, Sam Riley  (Bio HERE ) is as unknown as it gets. I’m just hoping the man responsible for The Motorcycle Diaries, Walter Salles ( Bio HERE ) wouldn’t trash a piece of classic literature. I guess we’ll see. Also, HERE’s a quick interview with Garrett about the movie.


2 thoughts on “On The Road…

  1. Considering that I devoured every piece of literature that Kerouac penned during his ‘rebel without a cause’ years, I became giddy at the thought of ‘On the Road’ making it to the big screen. However, you lost me at Kristen Stewart… Here’s hoping she can pull it off without vampires to back her up!

    1. i’m right there with you, Kerouac introduced me to the entire world of the Beat generation, and like many others, i feel protective of it. Kirsten Stewart is not a solid actress, and i only hope the two main male leads can capture the essence

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