R.I.P. English Language…

Last night i was driving and decided to listen to some news. So I ventured over to a talk radio station. After the news a talk show came on and they were speaking to an expert about the current events in Egypt. Before he began speaking they gave his credentials, expert on this, contributor to that, host of this..blah, blah, blah. In short he’s the kind of guy that’s on every news show giving his opinion. Nothing wrong with that, there’s much worse ways to make a living. Here’s my issue. During the 10 minute segment he used “umm” or “uhh” or “ahh” 57 times. That’s 57 times AFTER he had done it so many times that I couldn’t help but notice. How is it possible hat a person that speaks on tv, on the radio and in classrooms for a living can have such a horrible grasp of the english language?

Recently Justin Beiber was on Jay leno. Now personally I think he’s a talentless little annoyance, but apparently some people like him. During his interview with Leno, he used the word “like” 67 times (disclaimer: someone on the web counted those, I do have a little more of a life than that). So once again, how is someone who’s entire livelihood is based on entertaining people not made  aware that he sounds like an idiot every time he opens his mouth? let’s not even get into how many times he used his own name in the third person while telling a story (seven)

On Jan 23rd USA Toady released an article about schools doing away with cursive handwriting to focus more on technology based communication. (article HERE ) The article goes on to say that while many schools still teach cursive on a regular basis, more and more schools are moving towards “more efficiency in writing”. For those of that are unclear what that means, they are essentially marginalizing a style of writing that has been around for centuries.

Just out of curiosity i did a google search “is writing letters dead” it came back with dozens and dozens of articles dating back to 2001, all lamenting the decline of the handwritten word.

I next did a google search for “is texting bad for teens” and once again came up with dozens of articles talking about the effect of texting on live social interaction, grammar and attention spans.

So what’s my point? it’s more like a question for you guys. Is the english language dead or dying? is it due to technology or does it have more to do with our laziness as a society? or are all of these things just the natural progression of human evolution?

I have recently taken to handwriting all my poetry & short stories again in journals. I write them, edit them by scratching out and scribbling in the margins, and then only type them onto the computer if they’re actually worth something. And I have to say, I forgot how much I liked it. I have to admit i’ll most definitely write my next novel on a computer, I’m not stupid, but for smaller projects it just feels right for me personally.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to run a spell check on this before I publish, then Tweet & facebook to everyone that I wrote it…. of course i only have 140 characters on Twitter so i’ll have to use slang and incorrect grammar to promote my blog about the death of the english language….


3 thoughts on “R.I.P. English Language…

  1. Periodically, I grade open answer test papers for grade schools. It is an interesting source of extra revenue. What has become more and more apparent to me is A) a lack of proper grammar and B) handwriting that can barely be read.

    This past tour of duty, I cannot tell you how many times I read papers including “Imma be”. If you are a bee, you should not know how to write. Oh, wait…. that translates to “I am going to be”.

    Sad state of affairs.

  2. It’s horrible. Basic stuff, like knowing the difference between your and you’re. I’ll admit that I stopped writing longhand right around the time I discovered I could type faster than I could write, but I still enjoy it for shorter stuff, like you. Or if I’m sitting on a ridge somewhere in the mountains. A small pad and a pen is a lot easier to carry than a laptop. Even that’s changing…

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