Bad Romance…

Not sure how i missed this, since it’s a few months old now, but it’s still worth posting. Joseph Gordon-Levitt does a cover of Lady Gaga’s Bad romance. Is it just me or does it seem like covers of her songs are actually much more genius than the originals? Or maybe thats’s the genius of Gaga, she’s so good that even her covers are amazing…. Or maybe Inception is real and J.G-L. & Decaprio are planting Gaga in our minds right now! Ok, sorry about that, I’ve been up for 19 hours…. Anyway, here’s the video


While i’m taking up your time, here’s a video of a guy covering the biggest hits of 2010 on an acoustic guitar. Sounds painful, right? not this time, because this guy decided to perform the songs with extraneous lyrics. really great stuff


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