Open Mic Virgin

So i’ve been a “writer” for about 22 years now, fist song lyrics, then poetry, short stories and now a novel or two. I’m also a wedding Dj, which means i’ve had alot of experience in public speaking. But one thing i’ve really never gotten into was open mic readings. Technically i did my first last summer, reading a short story and a few poems from my Book “Tangible Things“. I was opening for my friend Ben Tanzer, an amazing writer you should check out . Anyway, i don’t really think it counts because 90% of the people that were there were invited (thanks mom!). So this year i’ve decided to step away from the keyboard and get involved in the arts community. I think my first step will be to set up a reading with another great writer (Go visit Johnny Virgil  HERE to put some pressure on him) at a local bookstore . My Next step is going to be the  Albany Word fest on April 16th.

Now this one feels a little different, because for the first time ever i will be up reading in front of my peers, not friends, family & random shoppers. Now i think that, no matter how comfortable you are in public, it’s very different when everyone in the audience is in the same medium as yours. And no matter how warmly they clap after your done reading, you can’t help but feeling that they are mentally picking it all apart, your words, your flow & delivery, your inflection….everything. You feel this way, because you do it to them. It’s really just the nature of the beast. When i go to a wedding, i notice every mistake the dj makes, what songs i would never play (who let the dogs out? really? it’s 2011), what ones i will remember to play from now on. Even as a spectator there is always an element of competition when you are immersed in your medium.

So i’m ready to be judged. I’ll hopefully get assigned a decent slot in the readings when i sign up, because honestly, who wants those 7-11AM slots? really? who’s idea was that? And when i get my time i’ll be posting it up here for anyone that wants to come see me bomb. And if you’re interested in throwing your own work out there, here’s the link to the website Sign ups begin March 15th. I promise not to judge you of course, because you’re my friends (snicker, snicker)Good luck and hope to see you there!


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