The Slippery Slope Cont.

Last year i put up a few different rants about the laws that the government was putting out to “protect us”. As usual i talked about the slippery slope, and most people ignored me. The few that paid attention either didn’t see the big deal or told me i was paranoid. So here for your reading pleasure are 5 new laws/proposals meant to “protect us”. On the surface all may claim to do just that, but in reality all of them open the door for our individual rights to be taken away by people that think they know better. If you’re not concerned by these, you may want to put your head back in the sand.

New data retention proposals  HERE

New Electroics regulations for New York State HERE

Limiting Tractor Trailer Speeds Proposal HERE

FCC Net neutrality HERE

National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace  HERE


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