Thoughts for the Day 1-19-11

Maybe it’s too much coffee, but my mind seems to be working overtime and i have  alot of thoughts going on, so i’ll share a bunch as well as some links and videos

1.So the new Dentyne commercial states that the average American has 28 first kisses….. friggin amateurs…..

2.Tonight on Attack of the Show they did a piece on a 7 story porn shop in Japan… man those crazy asians love their porn!

3.Anne Hathaway is the new Catwoman in the next Batman movie….hell yes….

4. Lettermans Top 10 list about Att losing the I-phone.

5. Drunk girls Are funny….

6. Some of the Best stuff on late night TV isn’t happening on Leno & Letterman. Fallon scores again with this one.

7. For the sake of humanity i hope NONE of them can reproduce after this

8. Ok, so i guess my trip to Syracuse could have gone much worse than it did. Kinda like this


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