Full of sh*t

I am a music fan…no I am an enthusiastic music fan….wait.. I am a geeked out, obsessed collector of any and all types of music I get my hands on. So at this time of the year I listen to yearly countdowns, which I only sometimes agree with the order of, I read about which albums did the worst and which did the best, and of course during my daily scouring of the Internet I take the time to read the “best of” lists on various music and semi-reputible entertainment sites. And what I’ve always been reminded of year after year is that in generally, any “journalist” that claims to be informed and in tune enough to make a best of 2010 list is 99% full of shit. When you read the lists of these so called experts, you actually discover two things:
1. They will inevitably fill 6 of their spots with bands that no one ( not even me) has heard of. They will intentionally find the most overlooked pieces of crap released this year and champion them, hoping, just hoping that one of their picks will make it big next year, then then can spend the next 6 months crowing about being the first
to find the band. The truth is, they don’like these bands. They read the blurbs that a music magazine with a circulation of twenty craps out, listen to a few samples on Itunes and then become their biggest fan. If challenged they will claim they never bought the bands album because the band never released a special edition vinyl copy and they’ll only listen to vinyl because cds and digital are just too cold and crass.

2. Number one proves number two; these people do not actually like music. They like the importance of being a music “expert” and they crave the attention that posting a list online will give them. These people should be shot

So when you look over the end of the year lists that will float around like crazy, remember, unless you know the person that is sharing their list with you, you have to assume they are full of shit.


*disclosure* i posted my own list a few days ago, but my list is actually good, so i’m only half full of shit*


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