Thoughts For The Week

1. Fundies: From The website “Fundies are a pair of underwear built for two. Fundies have been around for over 20 years and are a great gift for couples.” i really jut can’t make this stuff up. check out the website, which sell a ton of other weird and embarrasing stuff, HERE

2. Randy Quiad: Proving once again that he’s almost as crazy as his National Lampoon character. Read the whole story HERE

3. Steve Jobs Does it Again: Flash no longer included on Apples Mac OSX: read the egomaniacs newest sabotage attempt HERE

4. Lindsay Lohan: Lindsay has been sentanced to rehab till Jan. However she wants to be let out because she claims she “can’t afford it” besides the fact that it’s commonly known that this is a load of crap, am I the only one completely devoid of pity for this skanky debutante? personlly i think they should sentance her to a year in jail, general population, with no hope of parole. Lets see if she learns her lesson then…

5. I honor of Halloween, you really need to check out this artist, Ray Villafane, his pumpkin carvings are amazing. Check them HERE

6. John Mayer: When his first two albums came out i really wanted him to stop being a douche, shut his mouth and just sing. With his new album, i actually want him to be a big, loud douche again because it has to be more interesting than his latest disc. Is that just me?

7. The Oatmeal: these people REALLY hate Juicy Fruit …


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