The Girls Of Glee

Personally i hate this show with all of my being. But recently, two of the girls from Glee posed in some “sexy” shots for GQ magazine. Now this is a show aimed at adults, on Fox, at night. The girls posing in the pics are 23 & 24. But because they play teenagers on the show, The Parents Television council, The hags on The View and even the absurdly boring Katie Curic are all blasting the photos and comparing them to pedofilia. When you can no longer distinguish between characters on a show and real actresses, and you don’t know the difference between adults in their underwear and kiddie porn, you may want to re evaluate you perception of reality..just a thought… here’s the pictures… (one also below)


2 thoughts on “The Girls Of Glee

  1. I think it’s [the uproar] because they’re posing as altered versions of their characters, dude who plays drums, cheerleader, the initials on the megaphone are the schools, etc. If it was a photo shoot with an entirely different photography backdrop the backlash may not have been so great.

    But the real issue is.. that Lea chick just tries way too damn hard.

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