Thoughts for the week.. Playing catch up edition

1. – A really great, semi frustrating game that ill swallow hours of your time. Damn you, Adam

2. Funny Name Of The Week: Sheila Dikshit  A name that not only makes 12 yr old (and 35 yr old) kids giggle, but cost a talk show host his job. Check it out HERE

3. Celebrity Divorces: Is anyone really surprised that Courtney Cox left David Arquette? Or Christina Aguilera leaving her husband? Isn’t really more of a surprise that those men got those women in the first place. And don’t tell me they might have had great personalities, we’ve all seen David Arquettes movies…

4. Eminem bans foul language in his house: Ladies and gentlemen, i give you iron at it’s best. Read the article HERE

5. Candidates for Governor of NY: I can’t help but feel the former Hooker is better qualified than Quomo or Paladino. and the guy running on the “Rent is to damn high” ticket is funnier than any of them. Welcome to the circus called NY politics, HERE’S your recap

6. UFO’s hover over Manhattan. They were too close to city hall and left when they couldn’t find intelligent life. Read the actual story HERE

7. Tv Parent  R.I.P.: Farewell Barbara Billingsly (Leave it to Beaver) and Tom Bosley (Happy Days)

8. Steve Jobs goes nuts: considering how much he claims Android isn’t a threat and he’s not worried about it, it’s amazing how angry he got and how he felt the need to attack Android and Google over and over during an earnings call. I think his turtleneck might be a little too small for his ego.



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