Worlds Without End

Fall is here. The weather is growing colder, leaves are changing and halloween is just a short time away. Let’s be honest, there’s no better tie of year for “Worlds without End” than right now. And in honor of that, and copy purchased through the Lulu publishing website ( )  will recieve an extra 30% off the cover price between now and November 1st. In case you’ve forgotten what the book is about, here’s a little synopsis.


She is a nameless orphan, abused throughout her youth and imprisoned for the supernatural abilities she’s not supposed to have. On her 18th birthday, she uses her powers to escape and make a life for herself in a new world. When she witnesses the destruction of that world she moves on, unaware of the relentless evil forces following and the endless cycle of devastation she will endure


This is an illustrated novel with artist Shawn Dubin. Check his work out at and you’ll be amazed with his work.


thank you all for your support, Shawn & I spent years working on this project and we hope you pick up a copy and enjoy it. And if you did pick up a copy, please feel free to leave a review on Amazon, or right here on this not, we appreciate any kind words you can give us


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