Anti-semitism buries the truth

This Week so-called “tv personality” Rick Sanchez managed to get himself fired, after claiming that John Stewart is not only a bigot, but he and all the other jews in the country control the media and are trying to keep him down, specifically because he’s not white enough or rich enough. It’s really pretty unacceptable that this type of behavior even exists anymore, and i fully condemn it. But in this mist of all of this reckless stereotyping and racism Sanchez did have on very vaild point. at the beginning of the interview, before showing his true colors, Rick claimed that John Stewart is biased in the sense that his show is skewed towards a specific ultra-liberal worldview. At first, he says  that Stewart is simply an elitist, and that there’s a cultural gap between him and people from working-class backgrounds whom he looks down on. And that i have to completely agree with. On any given night, John Stewarts treatment of any guest that doesn’t agree with his principles verges on pure direspect, as evidenced in a recent visit by Tony Blair, where he constantly interrupts the former prime minister and essentially accuses him of having been President Bush’s bitch.

It particularly concerns me that time Magazine poll rates him as Americas most trusted anchorman. Has everyone forgotten that they’re watching a show  on Comedy Central? If this is where Americans are turning to get their news, we are seriously screwed. John Stewarts views have nothing to do with his heritage or skin color, and that’s where Rick and i part ways in our views. His views are pure liberal elitism. Lets not fool ourselves for a moment, John Stewart is a comedian, and his brand of polarizing, half truth “journalism” is as hurtful to this country as Glen Beck, the ultra conservative blowhard and former comedian he seems to have become obsessed with. to my mind there is no place for either of them in a healthy conversation about the huge mess this country is sinking in. And of course there’s also no place in this conversation for anti-semitism or any other rascism, in fact i am completely bewildered and more than a little depressed that in the year 2010 their is still this kind of ignorance or hatred floating around.


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