All New issue of 63 Channels now available!!!

Fall is here, and with it an all-new issue of 63 Channels. As you can see, the websites new home is continuing to grow and morph, and so far I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished. Next summer we’ll be celebrating our tenth anniversary of the online magazine, and I’m very proud of the fact that this month marks the Fifth anniversary of our print issues!!!!  I have to admit, with a regular staff of two, plus dozens of life saving volunteers, I never actually thought these were milestones we would hit. So thank you everyone that has submitted, spread the word and read us. And a special thank you to our fiction editor and columnist Jen Dubin, because without her swooping in to save me each issue, I’m not sure I’d be writing this right now.

I think by time our tenth anniversary hits next year, we will have grown even more, and I hope you all follow along with us. Keep reading, keep submitting, and keep spreading the word; you guys we why I do this. So Enjoy this new issue, it is truly packed with goodies, new poetry, new fiction, new art, new columns & reviews and of course the pleasure of celebrating the five year anniversary of Tiny Ghosts, an online and print comic strip packed with poignancy and emotion. Check out the Tiny Ghosts Page and the Interviews page for a taste of what they have to offer.

– Glen Feulner, Owner/Editor


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