Thoughts for the week

1. Muppet Love: recently i discovered that Cake covered the song “Mahna, Mahna” from the Muppet show, and there’s an indie band with the name Menomena, also named after the same song. Add the Muppet station on youtube (Click HERE) and a new movie being written (by Jason Segal?) it seems like the Muppets are ready to take over the world again. And i couldn’t be happier.

2. Pay Attention book & Sci-Fi Geeks: Stephen King has given movie rights to Ron Howard to make The Dark Tower series into a movie. Ok, not a movie, but three movies. Okay, not three movies, but three movies and a two season television series on NBC using the same actors as the movies. So… Movie, TV series, Movie, TV series, Final Movie… this is either the best idea ever, or the worst. How do you combine the 7 books that make up the Dark Tower series into something the mass market will eat up? this may be the only way. Please just cast this movie better than Hollywood did with “on The Road”. You can read the full Article HERE

3. TV geeks Pay Attention: Jennifer Morrison, of House fame, has been cast as the mom on How I Met Your Mother. It’s about damn time!!!!!!

4. Getting Deep: Last night i read an article on CNET (read HERE ) and while i wasn’t overall that interested in the article, there was one great part at the end, referring to the advances in technology, that i really liked:   “No one who created revolutionary music, or revolutionary technology, ever imagined all the consequences their creations would bring. How very difficult it is when we open our eyes and see that something we once believed in has changed into what, for some, seems to be its opposite”. I honestly think you could take out the words technology and music and this would still cover so much. Just a thought.

5.  Asshole Of the Week: There’s three of you. You know who you are, and I wish violent diarrhea on you

6. Music Geeking: Are you still one of the 12 people that use myspace? if so, go to Linkin Parks page, watch the video for “the Catalyst” and check out the track “Wretches & Kings”. They are both great tracks from their upcoming Album. Also, here’s Four other songs i’m geeking out over this week: 1. Memories By Wezzer  2. Little Lion Man by Mumford and Suns 3. Set Fire To The Hive by Karnivool & 5. Hands by The Ting Tings

That’s all for now, see ya with more thoughts for the week next week and lots of random things in between


One thought on “Thoughts for the week

  1. I have Muppet checks. When they came in the mail I was delighted to see that those two wise-cracking old guys had names (their signatures are on the face of the checks.) The white haired guy is Waldorf and the the uni-brow guy is Statler. No one else may care, but I think my life is better for having learned that.

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