Stupid criminal of the year

A homeless man was arrested over the weekend in Amsterdam NY for impersonating a police officer and disorderly conduct. A criminal history check found that Wintjen has been arrested 81 times in 13 states, including five arrests for impersonating a police officer.

Really? First things first, 81 times? how is this guy even allowed to walk the streets? Do they keep a cell open and ready for him? And secondly, he’s now been arrested 6 times for impersonating a cop. not only did he not learn the first time, he gave it FIVE MORE TRIES. No matter how stupid you are, don’t you eventually hit a wall and think to yourself “this might be a bad idea”? And lastly, if he’s really this stupid, how does he even survive in jail? can he even tie his shoes?

Well, congratulations, you are officially the dumbest criminal i’ve read about this year….by far. Your reward? sterilization, hopefully…


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