15 Albums That Changed my Life….

Monkey see, Monkey do.  a few of my friends have been passing around this 15 Albums… on Facebook and so of course it got me mind working. So here, in no particular order, are my 15 favorite albums.

1. Def Lepard:  Pyromania – i was 8 years old and this was the first tape i ever bought with my own money. I wore out three tapes and eventually got it on CD

2. Led Zeppelin II

3. Nivana: Nevermind

4. Toad The Wet Sproket: Pale

5. Janes Addiction: Ritual De lo Habitual

6. TIE: Dr. Dre: The Chronic & Notorious B.I.G.: Life after death

7. u2: The Joshua Tree

8. Peter Gabriel: So

9. Rancid: Out Come The Wolves

10. Brand New: The Devil & God are Raging Inside Me

11. Nine Inch Nails: Pretty Hate Machine

12. Guns -n- Roses: Appetitie for Destruction

13. The Smiths: The Queen is Dead

14. Metallica: …And justice for all

15. Green Day: Dookie


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