Thoughts For The Week, Sept 3, 2010

– I’m sorry,Heart, i really wanted to like your new album….. But Nancy, you just can’t sing anymore

– It’s Possible to find a “Greatest Hits” album by the following artists – Katrina & The Waves, The Rembrants(friends Theme), The Bodeans(Party of Five Theme),Tom Cochrane, Dexys Midnight Runners and Dishwalla. This begs the question, Does the term “greatest hits” mean ANYTHING anymore?

– Thursday was September 2nd, 2010….. or 9/02/10….get it?…no? ok, try 90210. Yup, someone spent the time to figure that out. AND, people all over the world facebooked about it Tweeted about it, Blogged about it, had 90210 viewing parties. These people should be f**king shot. those and the people that thought 8-9-10 was a mystical day they should spend getting stoned.

–  Today in Music History: Today in 1976,”You Should Be Dancing” by The Bee gees was the number 1 song in America. And you thought the world was in trouble today… although we do have Justin beiber…

– Craigslist drops it’s “Adult Services” section – bummer, now the rapists and serial killers will have to go back to stalking their prey

-Kara DioGuardi  announced she is leaving American Idol. she said in a statement it was “the best time to leave Idol…” yes, when they move your office supplies out to the curb and throw away your monagrammed Coke judges mug, it is probably the best time to leave. Like security even gave you a choice…

– Comedian Robert Schimmel died this week. Even though i never actually thought he was funny, i have to give respect to someone that survived a heart attack , lost an 11-year-old son to cancer, was diagnosed with, and beat, non-Hodgkin lymphoma and was waiting for a liver transplant but still got up on stage every night to tell jokes. Rest in peace….

– Jesse James is now dating  Kat Von D… see, scumbags can find love too. Is it just me or should they just register for antibiotics and herpes cream if they get hitched? Does CVS do bridal registry??


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