Thoughts for the Week, August 29

Scumbag of the week: The woman next to me at the convenience store. If you leave your toddler in a car alone when it’s 87 so you can run in to buy cigarettes, you should be publicly flogged and have your child taken way. There should be a damn test…..

True Blood: I don’t get it.

Movie reviewers: Dear Rolling Stone, Spin, USA Today, etc… If you don’t like a specific type of movie, why are you reviewing it? For instance, if you hate action, why review The Expendables? If you hate chick flicks, why review Eat Pray Love? All i can conclude is that you are all a bunch of preconscious A**holes that only like the must indie, unknown, unlikeable, low-budget, art house movies that are released. That and anything by Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Please either broaden your horizons and get the stick out of your ass, or find a new line of work…

Paris Hilton: Arrested for felony cocaine possession. anyone wanna bet she never sees the inside of a jail for this? Anyone wish she would fall off a cliff?

Glee & Mad Men: Single handedly keeping me from caring about the Emmy’s… go Conan!!

Dancing with the stars: Seriously? Why the hell does anyone care about this show? There are no actual stars and you know whoever the token athlete for the season is will win. Bristol Palin, Michael Bolton, Rick Fox, Jennifer Grey, “The Situation”, Margaret Cho, David Hasselhoff, Hills “star” Audrina Patridge, Brandy and Florence Henderson. Really? Find me a damn star on that list….


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