Thoughts For The week 8/14

– JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater: Congratulations on doing what everyone that’s ever worked in a service industry has always wanted to do. You even had a song written about you by Jimmy Fallon!

– Dr. Laura: A-hole of the week. You, a white, rich, ultra conservative talk show host with an inflated sense of self-worth, thought you could use the N-word 10 times, live on air?? are you stupid? NO ONE should be using that word anymore, regardless of race. But you, yes, you thought you could make a “philosophical point” with no repercussions? you’re narrow-minded, arrogant moron…please drive off a cliff

– Lindsay Lohan on The cover of Maxim: If you rip off the head, the view isn’t bad but you still get the feeling you’re catching a disease just from looking

– “Reality TV starlet Tila Tequila has claimed she was attacked by concertgoers at the 11th annual Gathering of the Juggalos in Cave-In-Rock, Illinois on Friday. She  insisted that fans pelted her with rocks and feces during her rap set.” Ok…. you’re at a festival featuring Lil Kim and  the “rap” group Insane clown posse. In fact it’s a festival dedicated to fans of ICP. You are a reality “star” with no noticeable talent and you’ve suddenly decided you can rap. I would have been amazed if you HADN’T been pelted with rocks

– the roast of David Hasselhoff: yeah, it should be pretty damn funny, but let’s be honest; hasn’t life and his career been roasting him for decades?

– I always wonder what would happen if all the people that i photograph and mock suddenly found my Facebook page… i think there would be angry, toothless, fat, smelly, badly dressed people at my store with torches..which would make an AWESOME picture


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