On The Road: The Movie

As i hope you’ve figured out by now, I’m a writer. If you haven’t bought one of my books, shame on you…. Anyway…. As a writer I’m also an avid reader. My big favorites are Hemmingway, Fitzgerald & Kerouac, although I’ll read mostly anything you put in front of me. This Brings me to “on the Road” by Jack Kerouac. As a teenager, reading mostly young adult books & my parents readers digest condensed books, On the Road blew my mind. To this day I still read it once a year, and almost every time pick up something I’ve missed. So, like all other people who are fanatical about something, I’ve always been very suspicious of any attempt to make it into a movie. There have been multiple film rights holders, literally dozens of actors attached and a new director every year. But finally it happened. Francis For Coppola is writing/producing and the cast has been….cast. I’d originally given credit to Coppola for casting indie actors, the three main characters are mostly unknown, and at least physically, seem to fit the part well. Then today i learned that Viggo Mortensen, Amy Adams, Kirsten Dunst & Kristen Stewart were part of the cast. Apparently, besides Viggo, who’s acting is always amazing, it was decided that this movie needed to be filled with young “hot” actors to draw in a young crowd.  With this cast in mind i can only imagine the watered down, bland, emo soundtracked, teen drama piece of crap that we’re in store for. Despite my initial relief the Coppola was involved, it’s been proven to me  yet again  that Hollywood cannot be trusted with a great book. Of course “Water For Elephants” this winter should be yet another reaffirmation of that fact. I have no problems with adapting a book into a movie, but when will we get an honest adaptation of the books people love so much? That these books are so well-loved is the reason the are made into movies, so why do execs and directors continue to destroy the very material that could save their studios? Apparently my type of logical thinking is completely out of step with the film biz. So if you see me walking through the mall with a bag of tomatoes and a vomit bag next spring, you’ll know I’m on my way to see “On the Road:The musical”, featuring Justin Bieber & Ke$ha….sigh….


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