Thoughts For The Week – July 30,2010

1. Chelsea Clintons Wedding: Liberals are treating it like the royal wedding of the century, Republicans are comparing it to the fall of the Roman empire. The today show is devoting an hour a day to every insignificant detail, republicans are attaching conspiracy theories to the guest list. My opinion is that with all of the things happening in this country right now, if you are an average American and care about this wedding in any way, you are a moron that shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce. If you are a journalist or talk show host that’s decided to focus on this, you don’t deserve your job and i hope some force of nature picks up a bus and drops it on you…

2. Coors “Cold Activated Cans”: What does this mean? Until this can turns blue, this beer tastes like crap. Once this can turns blue, you better drink it fast before it tastes like crap again

3. New York Still has no budget….. fucktards….

4. Thank you Katy Perry for your new album cover..thank you. Now please stop releasing crappy music

5. My nomination for Douchebag of the week….. Charles Rangel. I’ve never seen someone be so arrogant about being crooked

6. Ellen Quits American Idol: now if we could just get Fox to quit airing it…..

7. Rim releasing a tablet computer called the “Blackpad” …. are we trying to beat the Apple I-Pad in sales or win the dumbest name contest?


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