Welcome to my world

So i pull into Cumberland Farms. To the left of me is a guy in a pickup, drinking a Genny light… in the drivers seat… to the right of me is another pickup truck. The man in the drivers seat is literally missing is two front teeth and blasting Hank Williams. He stares at me from the time i pull in until i walk into the store. As anyone who’s been to Hadley knows, it’s completely normal behavior for a redneck to give you dirty looks if you are not related to at least half of Hadley. Outside the door are two young boys, probably around 12, wearing clothes at least three sizes too big and covered from head to  in dirt. Neither of them are wearing shoes, although one of them is actually wearing just one sock. while waiting in line for 5 minutes to buy one item, i catch snippets of conversation. Overheard are “gone up ta” in reference to going south, “went down ta” in reference to going someplace north as well as the words “Gots ta”, “ain’t go no”, “gimmee” and “i tolded you”. the amusing cherry on the top of this redneck sundae is the fact that the cashier has the identical haircut to Jeff Daniels in Dumb & Dumber and can’t count change, even though the register tells him exactly what to give back. This is not fiction, this is not an embelishment, this is what happens when i run out for a gallon of milk


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