Thoughts for the week, July 17th

– Yay BP! it only took three months  of constant fuck ups to do something a plumber suggested….douche bags

– Mel Gibson is an angry, racist dickhole that probably deserves to be kicked in the teeth. His ex is a plastic surgery ridden gold digger that secretly recorded then edited every fight she ever had with him. Am i i really supposed to give a shit about either of them???

– So Consumer Reports refuses to reccomend the I-Phone 4. Apple first scrubs every mention of the C.R. review on their public forums without informing the posters. Then a former apple engineer tells MSNBC that he warned apple during the testing process that he had antenna concerns. So finally Steve Jobs makes a statement announcing that there’s nothing wrong with their phone, but then announces that 3 other phones they tested have the same reception issues, you know the ones they don’t have. Then they announce free cases for every single I-phone user to fix the reception issue. You know, the one they don’t have…..assholes

– Dear Lindsay Lohan…Please just goto jail and get shanked in the shower…your’s truly, America

– President Obama claimed in an interview that Republicans are “choosing to filibuster our recovery and obstruct our progress” by blocking votes on agenda items the president says would breath life into the economic recovery. Now, i’m not going to air my personal political views, but i do have one question. Don’t the Democrats control the House, the Senate and the White house? In the end, how can the Repbulicans stop anything if the democrats actually want it to pass?

– Dear Ashley Greene: Thank you for taking multiple endorsement deals, mostly in a bikini, so i don’t have to watch those awful Twilight movies to see you


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