Thoughts for the week- July 9th

Confession: i’ve seen almost all of Will Ferrells movies. I’ve disliked most of them. However, unlike most people, i love “Stranger Than Fiction”. it’s one of my favorite movies. I wish he would do more movies that make me think. Although i do also love Elf

To all you I-Phone lovers: your new phone is deeply flawed, the hype is stifling, and even though you sold a record amount of phones, you still lost 4% market share to Android. Steve jobs must be sweating through his arrogant little turtleneck (full disclosure: i am actually typing this on a Mac but feel no irony creeping up behind me)

Dear Kate Nash: Thanks for being much cuter than lily Allen and much less annoying

Conan Obrien Gets an Emmy nod and Letterman & Leno get left out. If he wins we can actually have a pictoral definition of poetic justice for Wikipedia

I’m not even sure who is at fault for what anymore, but i really just want to bitch slap everyone responsible for the clusterfuck we call an “oil spill” down in the gulf. Smartest people in the world can’t find a way to plug a damn hole….

“The Social Network,” David Fincher’s much anticipated movie about the creation of Facebook, has been selected for opening night at the New York Film Festival. Really? a movie about a social network? are you sure thats the best the festival has to offer? and David Fincher, guy who directed Fight Club…..really? a movie about Facebook? are you being blackmailed? and lastly, “much anticipated” what????? by who???? David Dincher and the nerds that created Facebook?…WTF……


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